Bruce Fagan Music
PO Box 848, Fort Washington, PA 19034

Power Single/Power Duo & Interactive Deejay

BRUCE FAGAN is an exciting vocalist, keyboardist and entertainer. His extraordinary repertoire, improvisational technique and feel for lyrics make him quite a talent.

Using his Power Single set-up, Bruce easily segues from swing and jazz standards to classic rock'n'roll right up to the very current dance tunes - feeling the pulse of the crowd and providing the right music for the occasion.

Power Single is the best way to describe the updated version of the old "one-man-band". Bruce uses keyboards, drum computer and computer synthesizers to provide the full sound of an entire band. It's hard to believe that so much energy, excitement and music is coming from just one person!

When you include Bruce's Female Vocalist, your repertoire choices increase. You also have the extra excitement of their terrific vocal harmonies. As a Power Duo, they will draw your crowd onto the dance floor and keep them there!

Combine the Power Single or Duo with our Interactive Deejay set-up and have the best of both worlds - incredible live music, combined live performance with pre-arranged music and our CD/MD library of over 1,000 dance tunes.

Bruce Fagan does it all - with the right mix of musicianship, experience and professionalism for all types of social and corporate events.